Coarse Stone Textured Shoes

  • $130.00

Shoe-In Textured Shoes are an innovative new product that will revolutionize the decorative concrete industry. Users are able to slip on these textured shoes and create patterns in the concrete. There is no longer a need to carry around those large and heavy textured sheets. The textured shoes are easy to slip on and even easier to use. Applying texture in the concrete is as simple as walking. There are three different textures available.


  • Unique Texture
  • Superior Stability
  • No Left/Right
  • Kick-On/Hands Free

Coarse Stone Textured Shoes for Decorative Concrete. Now contractors have a simple method to applying textures and patterns to concrete. Instead of lugging around those large, heavy mats, all the contractors need to bring are these textured shoes. With its Kick-On patented design, it’s extremely easy to take on and off. The textured shoes come with NO STRAPS and NO HASSLE. To apply the texture, it is as simple as walking across the concrete. There are three different textures available to give your clients a range of patterns to choose from.


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